Tuition is based on the 9 month season of class offerings. Each month is priced the same for the sake of simplicity. If your dancer misses class due to illness or family vacations, full tuition is still due to hold their place in class. Make up classes or refunds are not offered for cancellations due to inclement weather. Classes are not held on public school vacation days and classes end mid-May. Classes are held during public school inservice and conference days when students do not go to school. You are charged the full month fee even if class meetings are reduced. Dancers are given many extra hours of instruction and experience at no extra cost during preparation for performances.

Little School of Dance uses an online studio management system for registration, class enrollment, and tuition payment. The online portal will accept Visa and MasterCard, we do not accept bank draft ACH payments at this time. There is a 5% discount for semester payments made in full by October 15th. The tuition costs for 2016-17 are below (tax is added during payment):

Hours per Class per week             Monthly Fee                                    Semester Fee (monthly x 4.5)

45 minutes                                                $50.00                                                   $225.00

1 hour                                                         $55.00                                                   $247.50

2 hours                                                      $110.00                                                  $495.00

3 hours                                                      $160.00                                                 $720.00

4.5 hours                                                   $215.00                                                 $967.00

6 hours                                                       $265.00                                                $1192.50